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Marketing Consulting at Comunica-in means:

  • Support for the planning of your advertising material and marketing texts in accordance with the respective commercial and cultural background and context of your potential customers.
  • Arrangement of your text in the foreign language with the application of the adequate style considering the respective buying tendencies of your target group.
  • Providing information and advice regarding your publicity campaign abroad (for example the layout and set-up of advertisements in newspapers, distribution of folders, promotional material, etc.)
  • Providing internet marketing assistance, to select the efficient titles and keywords for your website in order to obtain optimal results with the various search engines in the respective languages and countries.

These services are offered for your advertisements in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Tel +39 338 1196467 - Tel/Fax +39 0577 392114 E-mail: info@comunica-in.it