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Conditions of Acceptance


  • We accept commissions for consecutive interpretation exclusively.
  • We kindly ask to entrust us with interpretation-jobs in the written form and to confirm the commitment after the receipt of the estimate of the costs.
  • All material and documentation regarding the topic in question must be accessible and / or made available to us at the moment of the commitment.


  • We kindly ask to be offered an insight or to view the original text before accepting the translation.
  • The original text should be delivered to us in a complete and legible form. Tables, graphic representations and other elements which are part of the original should be supplied to us together with the text to translate.
  • All translations exceeding 5 pages of copy require a written commission which quotes the conditions like the terms of timing and payment.
  • In the case of urgency where the request exceeds more than 5 pages of copy per day, the exact date of delivery will be agreed at the moment of acceptance.
  • All texts can be sent to us and elaborated using e-mail, CD, DVD or in printed form.


  • The payment of the interpreter fee within a total of 300 Euros is due at the termination of the task and is to be paid by cash on receipt of the invoice. Fees exceeding 300 Euros are to be paid on receipt of the invoice within 10 days.
  • For commissions of interpreting out of Siena extra costs like travel expenses or other outlays will be charged in addition to the normal fee. These extra-costs will be calculated and agreed upon beforehand.


  • The payment for the effected translation is due within 10 days upon receipt of the invoice.
  • In the case where the original text to translate exceeds 10 pages of copy, a 30% of down-payment of the total sum is due when the commission is placed.
  • For commissions which are cancelled after their acceptance, a refund of 10% of the estimated total price is to be paid. Those parts of the text that have already been translated are made available to the customer and must be paid entirely.
  • Eventually, extra costs like telephone calls, faxes or other expenses are charged to the customer.

Commissions regarding the Marketing Consultancy will be discussed individually in every single case directly with the customer. On this basis you will receive an estimate that quotes all single elements of the commission accurately, such as timing and costs.


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